October 2, 2005

The spice of life....

We had a very nice Sunday! Church services were wonderful with heartfelt worship and one of our new members gave a testimony. This guy came out of a life of drugs and alcoholism and set it all down to follow Christ one day when he woke up under his truck with snow all around him. Two of the men at church have been helping him along and he has no craving for drugs or alcohol. I know not everyone is delivered immediately from such things when they give their lives to Christ, but it was such a blessing to hear this humble man’s story. He thought he couldn't speak publicly, but he had everyone’s attention as he told his story. He and some others in the church are starting a Bible study in a town 20 minutes from here that is notorious for drugs and ‘low life’. Please pray for them as they minister to the ones Jesus would have been ministering to.

After church Charles took us to Olive Garden for lunch. *Wheeee* We love Olive Garden and had a gift card for a dinner there. All full from lunch, we stopped by the Amazing 99 cent store and let Maggie spend the two dollars that were burning a hole in her pocket. =)

There was a dinner for the Young Life ministry in town tonight, so we didn’t have small group that usually meets at our home. Several of our small group members work with Young Life. So it was a very relaxing day….

I decided to call my family in Phoenix and see how everyone was doing. My dad is having cataract surgery tomorrow. He’s got dementia and they have to put him under to do the surgery so he doesn’t get scared or confused during it. Trouble is, general anesthesia sometimes makes dementia worsen, so add that one to your prayers for Monday if you would. I also talked to my younger sister. They found out she is carrying a little boy! She is 4 months pregnant after years of trying to have another child. Her daughter is 8. They are excited and we’re so happy for them!

While talking on the phone to my sister, sitting out on my porch, my fairly new neighbor walked up, thinking we were having small group. Yikes! Well…we didn’t miss small group because we had a very nice conversation getting to know each other better out on the porch. We talked until dark and then I drove her back around the block cuz we’re girls and it was dark. I love living in a small town ….people just drop by. It's very neighborly. I’ve been watching a few episodes of the Andy Griffith marathon on tv this weekend and a lot of it reminded me of our town in a satirical way. I wish our modern day people here were as wholesome as an Andy Griffith episode, but then we wouldn’t be living in 2005, would we? All in all though, it’s a great place to live.

Sounds like a full day, but it was really very relaxing…..several unexpected things, but I think that is what keeps life interesting...unexpected variety is the spice of life.....

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