October 17, 2005

crickl needs material

On one of my daily reads passed on an internet meme that is hilarious. You simply enter your name and the word “needs” after it into the Google search engine and see what comes up. Post the first ten needs that come up.

My real name, Christie, brought up a few other bloggers who had already posted this meme, so I skipped those. I tried to do the search with “crickl needs” and got nothing but some things about my blog. Crick only got one need. So I went with my original nickname (before it morphed over the years), Cricket, given to me by my dad. Keep in mind that cricket is also a very popular sport. ;) This is really fun….try it!

1. Christie needs surgery to remove ... (afraid to see the rest of this sentence…lol)
2. Christie needs to be kept informed on the Vermont Department of Health (I'm very curious)
3. Christie needs to be signed by August 15, 2005 or will become a free agent. (time’s up)
4. Christie needs to write. (which helps a blog along)
5. Christie needs your support in her fight. (puts up my dukes)
6. Christie needs no introduction (heehee)
7. Christie's needs a continuing flow of charitable funding (keep ‘em comin!)
8. Christie needs a bath. (no comment)
9. Christie needs to get tough all right (grrrr)
10. Christie needs to slow down (does my slow motion act)
11. Christie Needs Glasses (mine are scratched)

Crick needs a volunteer to drive the milk (had to post my only find for crick….cracked me up)

1. cricket needs a fresh start (usually)
2. Cricket needs another revolution (turns around and round)
3. cricket needs an overhaul (excuse ME?)
4. cricket needs commitment and devotion. (is it too much to ask?)
5. Cricket Needs Windies (?)
6. Cricket needs humour, but not the crude type (I have an eternal need for humor...crudeness free humor...see #5)
7. cricket needs to give those long on imagination and short on facts a holiday (I shall give them Christmas)
8. cricket needs to be less selfish (afraid this is true)
9. Cricket needs to change, but not so much that it isn't cricket any more (cricket needs clarification)
10. cricket needs desperately to go back to respectable partners. (blushing…I think they mean for gin rummy...you know that yahoo riffraff)

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