July 22, 2005

Updating and moving on

We are back from vacation. I kept a journal of some sort during our time and you'll find the posts predated, going back to July 9.

None of the pictures are mine, but I hope to add in some of our photos when I've had time to edit them. =)

Glad to be home for a couple of days before going down to Phoenix to help my dad while my mom recuperates from her hip replacement surgery, which was Wednesday. I will update when I can from there.

***I have been finding tons of typos and whole parts of sentences missing as I slowly go back over these posts and edit. I was typing them up at lightning speed on my daughter's laptop. If you've ever typed anything on a laptop, you know that if you run your hand over the track pad while typing, it can highlight sections without your knowledge *if you're looking at your spiral notebook while typing* and then it deletes when you start more typing! It's infuriating and I am used to looking at my words as I type them, so I didn't check the text as often as I should have.....arg!

Please bear with me....

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