July 19, 2005

Creede Cabin

Turning the page….we arrived at the cabin today around lunch time. I can’t describe the beauty here, so I am taking lots of pictures to illustrate. We are still quite high at 9,000 feet elevation, close to Creede, Colorado. We are more specifically in a place called Wagon Wheel Gap, a ‘gap’ being a narrow passage through the mountains or in this case through rock walls with a canyon-like feel. The Rio Grande is just a few yards from our front door, so we can hear it, and we can see rafters go by, squealing with laughter around the river bend we are situated in. It’s a glimpse of Heaven I think…..

As I mentioned before, this cabin is owned by some people who make it available for free to full time ministers. May they have blessing upon blessing heaped upon them! Not only is it a ‘nice’ place, it is a luxurious place! We have the lower level of the cabin. The upper level and a separate small cabin are also for ministry families to use. The lower level has three double bedrooms, wonderfully furnished and cozy. It has a ver large L-shaped living area with two sitting areas, desks to work at, a foosball table and a ping pong table. The kitchen is well equipped and looks out onto the river. There are beautiful small gardens, green landscaping and hammocks, picnic table areas, grills and a lawn swing all right at the river’s edge.

There is no one staying upstairs yet, but there is a couple from Jacksonville, Florida in the small cabin. Today is their anniversary so they went to the Creede Repertoire Theater to see the opening of a Neil Simon play, Broadway Bound. When they found out that Hannah was wanting to go see the play but we could afford to take the whole family, tickets being $20 per person in the cheapest seats, they invited her to go with them and then they paid her way! I sure hope that I can practice this kind of blessing others the way they did for Hannah. They enjoyed the evening with her and even invited her to come to Florida and stay with them on Spring Break if she could. I’m sure she’ll be giving that some thought.

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