April 4, 2005

Things I saw today....

Have you ever thought about all the sights our eyes take in every day? (And the fleeting thoughts that accompany them and are quickly dismissed.)

Things I saw today:

1. An orange house with black trim. These are our school colors here but I can’t imagine someone wanting to live in this hideous monstrosity.

2. My teary reflection over a bad whack job on my hair. (self-inflicted, it looks like a mushroom)

3. My co-workers husband come swiftly through the office wearing eye-shocking tie dye pants. No comment. *hi Katie*

4. My dog trying to look non-chalant because she had taken my warm place on the couch while I got up and she didn’t want to give it back. I think this is really funny…it’s totally obvious that she is glancing at me trying to see if I’ll move her or sit somewhere else. When I do move her, she sighs at me…ha!

5. My seven year old’s feverish little face and droopy eyes. She has since had her meds and fallen sound asleep in her bed. *tonsilitis*

6. A policeman watching me almostbutnotquitestop at a stop sign. Thankfully I don’t think he saw me until I was in full motion again…whew!

7. A grocery bag flying high in the air in the strong Spring wind. The wind is so bad today that there are weather advisories on the highway and every time I open the back door, it almost takes 2 people to close it again.

8. Dwindling after Easter candy sale display at the grocery store. I passed on by….

9. Children chasing each other during recess….not a care in the world.

10. My refrigerator full of leftovers. Remember that episode of the Cosby’s where they clean out the freezer and all eat up leftovers and old food as a meal? Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

11. A boy picking his nose in the window of a passing school bus. He totally thought no one was watching him…I wish there hadn’t been.

12. My husband laughing and watching Jimmy Neutron. Episode about Jimmy building a robo-mom while his mom’s on a spa vacation.

13. My 13 year old walking away from the kitchen table with the tablecloth tucked into her pants, spilling 2 glasses of water. I found this quite humorous.

14. A crackling fire going in the woodstove….it’s calling to me….

….have a good day.

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