April 24, 2005

Bad timing

I skipped church this morning *bad pastor's wife!* and here I sit watching home design shows while our church honors my husband for 8 years of being their pastor. *I think I deserve a good pout* I was up til 3:30am with 2 barfing children, one of whom did not reach a proper recepticle in time! So at 2am I was cleaning a bedspread, a sleeping bag and my couch, while Bethany cleaned the wood floor. She was using BLEACH water on my new wood floor until I came out and saw it and was jumping up and down yelling "NOOOOOO!" The sleeping bag was out by the couch because Bethany was having a slumber party. *oiy* Pizza, ice cream, cookies, brownies, chips, soda, barf! This morning I have 2 daughters, each with old margarine tub buckets attached under their chins, sipping water, munching toast and watching Disney channel with doopy eyes. My head is pounding and dizzy, but hopefully it's just from the stress and lack of sleep and not from getting sick.....?

Tonight we have small group Bible study at our house. I am afraid to make the clam dip I have planned...wonder if the small group people would like chicken and stars with dry toast and gingerale? =)

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