February 8, 2005

Old floors new again

Well we got home fine Saturday afternoon, but were really shocked as we came into our house. We live in a house provided by our church, which my husband is pastor of....don't know if I've mentioned that before. It has been their parsonage for at least 20 years, a very very nice house with lots of room for our family and big yard, but the carpeting was original from 20 years ago and was becoming really unbearably tattered and worn. So the church was planning to refloor the house sometime this year. We found out upon arriving Saturday that the carpet was gone and we had a nice wood floor and tile in other parts of the house!!!! What a beautiful surprise! I've been walking around the house just looking at the flooring and how it makes the whole house seems cleaner and nicer. The weird thing about it all is knowing that all these people were in my house and seeing all my unkept places and general unorganizedness. *shudder* It only had me freaking out for about 2 days though, now I am fine...unless I really think about it, then I start shuddering again. On Sunday morning there were lots of tears and smiles as we thanked everyone and found out just how many people had helped and put their all into it. It was a real blessing....and it gave me a pastor's wife story to scare younger pastors' wives with...heh heh.

I have been in overdrive ever since getting home though, with a Superbowl party Sunday night and then starting back helping at school Monday morning. So now I will try not to neglect my blogging duties and get some creativity flowing here. A lot of people have been telling me they are reading the blog...and that inspires me...wow, an audience!....I love to have an audience. =) If you can and want to, please drop me a note by way of the comments button, so I'll know more of who is reading and what you think. I appreciate your reading this and will try to be more entertaining than today. *yaaaawn*

PS...one of the really entertaining things *to me* about having wood floors is seeing my dogs go sliding around when they come in all hyper. I love to get Millie running by starting to run myself...she can't resist a moving target....when she starts really running, I turn around and catch her as she sliiiiiiiiiides into my arms...ha!

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