February 22, 2005

In general not real specific

We (my husband and I) are in California for a couple of days.....Costa Mesa specifically....in the land of rain and mud generally and I have so much rattling around tiringly in the old noggin that nothing will come out particularly. That sentence reminds me of Winnie the Pooh for some reason....oh bother.....I think it's the adverbs?

Anyway, our church put us up in a very nice hotel and is paying for meals and expenses for us, and surprisingly, there are a bunch of cool people here we know from Arizona, so we are having such a nice get away as well as the great conference with such radical and encouraging speakers that I am about in heaven. In a half an hour I have to sneak back in to the end of the meeting so as to pretend to have been there the entire time...ha! My rear end is thanking me though and I'm glad to have a little time alone.

So that is my entry today....I'm going to try to be more concise and compact in my entries....the last few have been horrendously long that even I won't take the time to read them. =)

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