July 1, 2013

Snakes in the laundry room

This happened today....

Our landlord took our back door off to get a new one the correct size. In the meantime someone (named George) took full advantage of the situation.

Even though he looks dangerous, he is only a bull snake and harmless, unless you are a songbird or mouse. They also chase away dangerous snakes from your yard, so we'll keep him. Charles wrangled him out the door and we covered it up and chased him into the part of the yard where there are gopher holes. ;) 

Go George go!


Sara said...

He's beautiful :)
I'm going to have a pet snake. I take care of Nate's brother's.

Anonymous said...

Eek! Glad George is only inclined to eat birds and mice!

But Crickl, I am shocked. I had no idea you had relocated to Albuquerque (sp?). We've been SO busy since Easter, and I took a long hiatus from blogging/FB-ing... until now.

I know you've had lots of family events going on in the past months, like a wedding. Yay! Our big news is that our second grandson was born recently. Of course we're thrilled.

I'll keep an eye on your updates through my new reader. Thanks for the heads up on Bloglovin. :~D

crickl's nest said...

e-mom, yes, relocated with a new church here, east of Albuquerque in a more rural community. Loving it.

Another wedding in August! I'm glad you're blogging again!