March 6, 2013

Here's Taylor!

My friend Taylor has been home for a visit! She is the friend I wrote about here and has been battling an eating disorder. A counselor at the college she was attending a year ago called her parents to come pick her up because she was too weak from anorexia to walk to classes. It was a very scary, desperate time. After spending a year at a place called  His Mansion in recovery, she's been home for the past few months but will return there as a mentor for others starting next week. Another year at His Mansion, this time as a volunteer leader and helper.

We are so proud of her. And we are in awe at what God has done in her life. He saved her...spiritually and physically and she is on a mission to help other girls.

Here is Taylor's blog Saved by Grace where she's written about her year of healing and where she will keep us informed on all that this year will hold in her life. I just spent about an hour looking through her photos from her year in New Hampshire at His Mansion, so I wanted to share one with you.

She's got peace like a river..... :)

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