July 5, 2011

Youth Camp this week!

I said goodbye to my husband and youngest daughter last night as they boarded a huge tour bus for youth camp. They have a week of extreme adventures at Rock and Water Christian Adventure Camp. Fun, fun.... but there were a lot of nervous moms saying goodbye to their young teens last night.  We are praying for a good (and safe!) week for them all as they play, worship and grow spiritually.

This is Cera, Samantha and Maggie ready to get on the bus! (thank you Tracy for the picture!)

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Animal Lover said...

You beat me to it!

All moring I've been working on a post for Dragons Fly.

And you published yours 12 minutes before mine.


That was so hilarious when Mrs. Tracy almost hich-hiked a ride to Northern California!

Nice post Mrs. C!