February 9, 2011

Swirling restless stacks of ...ehn!

My head is in a fog and heavy today with a cold coming on...or something coming on.

The boxes piling up around me are making me moody and restless. I had a feeling it was too soon to start packing. Why did I listen to my practical husband and start? Then I realize it is not too soon.....the move is three weeks away.  He is right....he is practical and I am a procrastinator. I like for things to be done and over-with right away (especially things that are not fun). Why drag it out and do a little at a time? Restlessness is threatening to incapacitate me if I let it...I will shut down with just occasional bursts of getting things done. (maybe I should take a vacation until moving day)

I need a checklist so that everything didn't swirl around in my brain so much and overwhelm me.  Organizing is not hard, but when it is never done, it grates. Too many details swirling around in my brain with no immediate resolution. (It could be a fever coming on too though, it's hard to tell.) We are just moving a couple of miles away, but we have to take everything with us and set up again. That is what I can do....work on a check list. Details are much more manageable on paper than they are in my head I think.

ehn, boxes.

I must distract the brain.....

So.....and here is my point, actually.... I read a few wonderful blogs today and thought I would pass along some wonderful reading.

The photography and beautiful story telling here are making me smile today.

I've heard of God reaching down this way a lot lately.  

My good friend Kim is starting a brand new blog. God is stretching her lately and opening her eyes to things beyond her corner of the world. Go read about it at Neighbourhood Sprawl.

God is wanting to tell you and show you great things, even when your head is swirling, even if it is just a plan to keep boxes from incapacitating you). Pay attention. (I am reminding myself, but if the shoe fits....)


Jodi said...

Christie, remember that you don't have to pack the same way for a 2 mile move as you do when you move to a different city or something. For instance, don't empty the dresser drawers or pack the clothes from the closet. Just take the drawers out and set them in the car, drive them over and put them back in the dresser. You have plenty of sisters/helpers if you want them. We need to do a turbo-packing party when it gets closer to the time to go. Maybe a Saturday when we can all come over and swoop on your house to get it all done. Remember to mark your boxes with what room they go into. It's good to start early with the things you don't need before the end of the month.

crickl's nest said...

Oh yay! I was hoping my whining would pay off for volunteers to feel sorry for me! lol Thanks Jodi!

I think I will let you swoop on my kitchen. It's the room that will be hardest to pack. The china cabinets are already done.