May 13, 2010

Wild ride home from school

So much for a boring day. I was accosted today on the way home from Maggie's school by a man on a bicycle. I had to call 911 on him. After picking up Maggie and 2 other kids I take home, I drove my usual way down a neighborhood street when a guy with wild eyes was riding a bicycle straight towards me. I veered to the left and he veered like he was aiming for me. He was pretty close so I just stopped the car and he kept coming. He stopped just before running into us and threw his bike down and came around the driver's side of the car. Somehow I had the brain power to think of hitting the all lock button while adrenaline was squirting out of my head. (like on a cartoon) He yelled at us and told us he had my license plate number, saying "Code 93, Code 93" into his walkie talkie. 

My best guess is that he was either having a psychotic episode or was high on meth. Whatever it was, he was acting violent and threatening toward us, so when I was around the corner I called 911 and they sent a police officer out to check on him. Meanwhile two girls were walking home just ahead of the incident and looked scared to death, so I made them get in my car even though they don't know me and my car was already full of kids. I told them I was Maggie's mom, because they were hesitating and he was getting back on his bike to come after us. They were not even all the way into the car when the guy was almost upon us again so I had to pull forward with a 7th grader hanging out of my car! I dropped them off down the street and came home to my peaceful house and am now sitting in my dark wind tunnel (my bedroom with two fans going full blast) trying to recover my wits.  

We are all okay, no one was hurt except my blood pressure! I did not go back to see if the police found him, but I hope and pray that he was kept from hurting anyone, especially all those kids who walk home from school in that neighborhood.  

When I got home and told Emma what happened, her first words were, "Ohhh, I miss everything!"  

Good grief.


Taylor said...

Good grief Emma would say that lol so glad y'all are safe!!

mmichele said...

too much excitement!

~KQ~ said...

finally got around to reading this - yikes! What a scary episode (I had to giggle @ Emma's comment, though.)
I once was walking down a major thoroughfare (El Camino Real) when a pedestrian approached me from the other direction. as is my custom, I met her eyes briefly and gave a little smile. Her response: yelling AARRRGH at the top of her lungs, looking right at me. We both kept walking, thank goodness, but she kept up the non-verbal yelling. Mental illness is so, so, alarming to those of us who (not unreasonably) expect most people in the world will behave reasonably. I'm glad you all are okay!

HolyMama! said...

what a mom! you saved those girls by force! :)

I'm glad y'all are all okay - and you were probably exactly at the RIGHT place and RIGHT time, even if it didn't feel like it. Those 7th graders needed you and you were there! Way to go!

crickl's nest said...

Taylor..and she meant it too....disappointed. She would have been the first one freaking out though.

Michele....I wish I'd had a blood pressure cuff, really. It would have been interesting. And I do know precisely why cartoons who are surprised have those drips flying out of their heads. It's true.

KQ, maybe that is my mistake, the eye contact. I will avert next time someone is riding their bike straight into my car! AVERT! ;)

Kelsey...haha, saved by force....I should be on NCIS or 24 or something.