March 1, 2010

Great mysteries: 1,000 years of peace

We had dinner with friends from church last Friday and some other friends of theirs were also eating with us. The woman there, who we had only met on a few occasions, is 17 weeks pregnant. It turns out that this is her seventh pregnancy and she keeps having miscarriages. The last one was around 17 weeks, so her doctor is keeping a close eye on her and the baby. (keep them and their baby in prayer please!) It reminded me of the time in my life when I miscarried 2 babies in a row, 2 years apart, that were 20 and 21 weeks in gestation. The sorrow, sense of crazy loss, and life questions at a time like that cannot even be put into words. And I have tried.

That time in my life seems very long ago and even though talking about it can bring tears to my eyes because I remember how hard it was, I am no longer grieving or thinking about it often. But something that my friend said really made me a good a hopeful way.

She asked me how I pictured those children in Heaven. Were they grown up or children or babies? I have to say that I really don't know and I don't think about it. Not because it's too hard emotionally, but it is hard to imagine children you never knew. Each of our kids is SO different in personality, looks and gifts that it is hard to even imagine what these other children would be like. Then we started talking about the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth when we will serve with Him and live on earth again. I wonder if those children will be able to grow up there at that time?

It is very hard to imagine, but it is a hopeful type of imagination. I had not given much thought to this 1,000 year reign before this year. And after a couple of interesting Bible studies about end times and prophesies lately, I am thinking about it kind of often. I am looking forward to it in fact, not just because of the children we have never met, but I think mainly it is because I feel like it is closer than ever. Of course it IS closer than ever time-wise, but I mean as a reality for me, it is more real in my mind and heart than ever.

I just thought I would put these thoughts out there. Leave me some comments on what you think about this. I would love to know! What are your thoughts on what will happen during that time? Do you ever think about it? It is something that is mentioned in Scripture, Revelation chapter 20, but is very mysterious still.

These thoughts about unborn children are just my opinion, not Biblically based. I am not trying to propagate anything false, just wondering aloud.


Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

We miscarried in August, and ever since I have wondered what that little life is up to in Heaven. We miscarried at 12 weeks, so we don't know what the sex of our little baby was. I have had dreams about our baby though, and in every dream it is a 4-5 year old boy with blonde curly hair. (Neither of us have curly hair, so who knows where that came from!)

It's interesting to think about life and death and all things in between and after. I had never thought about the 1000 year thing though. It's an intriguing thought...

crickl's nest said...

Katie! I miss you on the forum. Hope to see you there again sometime. I'm so sorry for your loss. It must have been a terrible year. I had no idea. I am so glad you have dreams of your child. What a comfort to you. I never did, but I do know that some day I will know them. God bless you guys as you are trying to have a baby.

joannmski said...

I don't know. That is a great question to ponder. How old will we be in heaven? Will we be the old lady version of us, or the teenager? How old is a soul?