January 20, 2009

Good visits, eh?

It's getting late, but I wanted to update. We are full of guests this week. A family of four from Canada is staying with us while on sabbatical and traveling across America and into Mexico. The wife/mom is a dear friend who I am so enjoying spending time with! Tonight half of her family went to a hockey game and we went, just us girls, thrift store shopping and out to ice cream. (we had such a nice little waitress there too....she kept waving samples at us to try. The apple pie ala mode is really good!!)

I will try to be somewhat more regular here but for now we are enjoying:

....the ooo's and ahhh's of a Canadian's impressions of the west, of cacti and coyotes, lizards and being able to buy summer clothing in January.
.....the sweet SWEET sound of a 13 year old's violin/fiddle playing.
.....people who want to experience and savor ordinary American traditions and experiences....like rooting for the Cardinals and excitement about the Super Bowl. (these are people who do not have football in their background....at all, but they are loving it AND rooting for the Cards). They were also rooting for our hockey team, the Coyotes, tonight at a game. While they were at the game, my friend and I saw a real coyote run across a major, busy street in the middle of Phoenix! How ironic, eh? (oops I said 'eh'...it's contagious!)
.....good friends with lots in common and partners together in ministry of the local church to a vastly diverse world.....one in the US and one in Canada, but so much in common.


joannmski said...

Oh no. We are so not football people. We typically don't even watch the Super Bowl. They are going to be at our house over Super Bowl. I am going to have to get our family whipped up about the thing.

Alida said...

sounds like a good time for all, eh? LOL!!

mmichele said...

A good time, indeed.

I am trying to think of a way to work 'eh' into my comment, but I am having trouble right now... the pressure is on.

Joann, we will get you whipped up about hockey AND football. Believe me.