December 3, 2008

Things to share during Advent

When I read the following gift list over at Chrysalis, I loved it instantly and knew I needed to post it here too. What perfect ways to show God's love and the spirit of celebrating the Incarnation, than to bless others with gifts of love and care. Read through and choose the ones you'd be willing to share. ;)

Inexpensive Gifts for the Season of Advent

1. The Gift of Listening
But you must REALLY listen. No interruption, no day dreaming no planning your response. Just listening.

2. The Gift of Affection
Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back and handholds. Let these small actions demonstrate the love you have for family and friends.

3. The Gift of Laughter
Clip cartoons. Share articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, “I love to laugh with you."

4. The Gift of a Written Note
It can be a simple “Thanks for the help” note or a full sonnet. A brief, handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may even change a life.

5. The Gift of a Compliment
A simple and sincere, “You look great in red", “You did a super job" or "That was a wonderful meal” can make someone's day.

6. The Gift of a Favor
Every day, go out of your way to do something kind.

7. The Gift of Solitude
There are times when we want nothing better than to be left alone. Be sensitive to those times and give the gift of solitude to others.

8. The Gift of A Cheerful Disposition
The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word to someone, really it's not that hard to say, Hello or Thank you.

9. The Gift of a Phone Call
Pick up the phone and call (or e-mail) an elderly relative that you suspect might be lonely.

10. The Gift of Gratitude
Notice and appreciate the loving gestures of even the youngest in your circle.

11. The Gift of Song
Sing (or whistle) a few bars of your spouse's favorite song.

13. The Gift of Story
Watch for big smiles as you relive a family outing by telling a short descriptive story of the memorable event. (eta: this could include breaking out the family home videos one night too)


e-Mom said...

Family home videos... an excellent addition! Thanks for the shout out, Christie. ((Hugs))

Seems like we like to trade ideas back and forth. Great minds...? One day I hope we can meet. :~)

Alida said...

Christie, what a great list!! Thanks for sharing!