May 1, 2012

Listening to the Call

With  the weekend over, I sat down this afternoon to catch up on my GirlfriendIt podcast. I needed a Patty and Lisa fix and my friend Sheila Jones was being interviewed this week. 

It is amazing to me how God works in my life. Lisa and Patty started out the show talking about something that ties right in with what I've been writing about on the unique, funny, curious ways God is calling me to prayer for people in the past  few months.  They were talking about how Muslims have a call to prayer. If you ever visit a Muslim city, you will hear this call to prayer several times a day over speakers that loudly penetrate into every home or building in the city. And no matter where they are, the faithful followers of that religion kneel and pray.

I challenge you to look for ways that God is calling you to prayer in your daily life. He's gotten my attention lately. I have tried to explain it in a few blog posts, but I wonder if people get how meaningful it is to have God snag your attention with something, show you what it means and then give you a unique, just for you way to keep connected with His heart, to see the people He is seeing and preparing and longing for.

Something Lisa said today really summed it up for me, "God does miraculous things in ordinary moments." And what is more ordinary for a busy mom to be driving all over town? Not only does God want to do miraculous things through our prayers for people we encounter during our day, but He's really done something very miraculous in my life.... getting me to listen to His leading, recognize His plan and that He uses me in this process. All it takes an attentive mind and a willingness to pray for those miraculous things.

Here is my journey

It's 4:44
Crazy or cool?
Game On

I hope it inspires you to pay attention more closely to what God is showing you each day.....because He is showing you.